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Maintaining Growth in Supercomputer Performance

The Non-conventional Computing Technologies Department (1425) pursues foundational research and development of

  • non-conventional approaches to energy-efficient, classical digital computing, both multi-user systems and special-purpose, embedded systems;
  • quantum information processors that will provide exponential speed-ups for selected computational problems; and
  • novel computers such as neuro-inspired designs that can execute neuromorphic algorithms with great facility (in collaboration with the Data Driven and Neuromorphic Computing Department, 1462).

Department staff have specific expertise in the physics of computation, computer science, information theory, quantum statistical inference, computational architectures, and computational modeling of classical and quantum systems. Our work entails

  • computational simulation to characterize post-CMOS electronic and quantum devices, including memristors/ReRAM, single-electron transistors, and solid state qubits;
  • fault-tolerant computing system design for quantum and classical information processing;
  • noise modeling and development of error correction schemes;
  • low-level architecture design of components employing post-CMOS device technologies;
  • developing and applying statistical inference methodologies to characterize as-built qubits (tomography); and
  • quantum algorithm development.

We also tackle the challenge of identifying viable paths toward revolutionary improvements in computing systems.

John Aidun

John Aidun,Manager
Phone: (505) 844-1209
Fax: (505) 284-2518

P.O. Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185